Saturday, 12 June 2010

DESIGNCATWALK LOVES NICOLE loves nicole brundage

Speaking about shoes to women is like talking with children about sweets and candies, you can easily bribe both. Women often experience euphoric moments when in their minds flashes a desire: “I deserve a gift.”

Recently I took a break from Europe and I decided to go to NYC for vacation and coolhunting, once I got there I thought it was the “I deserve a gift” right moment , the result was: three pairs of Acrobats of God and Nicole Brundage’shoes! Ouch!

I bought the first pair of shoes from Nicole’s collection six years ago and I settled them in the house as a trophy of worship.

This time I opted a version with heel and two flat shoes that are perfect for cycling in the city all day long! The colour of my bike is black so they fit really well with that colour! Which kind of damages has done to your pocket your “Deserve a gift” moment?


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